Emmitt M. Bowers, 28 years old

Before- 170 lbs

Current- 118 lbs

Lost weight- 52 lbs

I was very afraid to face the friends and relatives because of my obesity then my friend suggested that taking Phentermine in order to lose weight. First, I tried the initial dosage strength 8 mg, but I have not noticed any changes during the treatment. After few days, I had a consultation with weight loss specialist, and he prescribed the ideal dosage of Phentermine 30mg along with exercise. After that, I have found a dramatic weight loss within three months. I have the started the treatment with 170 lbs, right now is 118 lbs. Thanks a lot for the magical weight loss pill.

Danny J. Garland, 31 years

Before – 176 lbs

Current- 168 lbs

Lost weight- 8 lbs

I have been started to use Phentermine for my obesity and now I have crossed two weeks, and so far it controls my appetite amazingly. After the intake of the pill, I do not crave for unhealthy foods. I have noticed 6 lbs of weight loss within a week, and so grateful to my healthcare professional because of this medication.

Jonathan M. Stuart, 48 years old

Before- 240lbs

Current – 190lbs

Lost weight- 50 lbs

I am a 48 years old overweight man, and I began my weight loss treatment with 37.5mg dosage of Phentermine pill on Jan 26, 2018, at a weight of 240 lbs. After three months of the exercise and diet schedule I have lost 50 lbs. The 37.5mg dosage performs exceptionally in the brain by controlling the appetite suppressant; it always keeps me in the state of full. During the treatment, I was affected by side effects of a headache and drug mouth, but it lasts only for few hours.

Robert A. Guill, 39 years old

Before- 238lbs

Current – 186lbs

Lost weight- 52lbs

I have been fighting with my overweight for past eight years now. I have tried all the medication including patches, and supplements but lost only a little bit of weight and gained double in back. Every time I try a new medication and end up with a failure.

I heard about Phentermine medication for obesity and it significant result from the co-worker so that I asked my doctor to prescribe Phentermine. I started the treatment with 15mg pill once in a day, and gradually my doctor increased the dosage strength to 37.5mg. After a month I have witnessed a significant weight loss and additionally gained so much of energy as well. My friends were so proud of my weight loss and motivated me to move further. This weight loss medication literally gave my life, and lost 52 lbs in the duration of 3 months. It absolutely wonderful!

Megan A. Flippen, 29 years old

Before- 190lbs

Current – 125lbs

Lost weight- 65lbs

I have diagnosed with the polycystic ovarian syndrome at the age of 25, and one of the major symptoms of that disorder is weight gain. I weighed 190 lbs at the age of 29 and suffered a lot with my routine lifestyle. Even my physician told me to reduce the weight to keep the syndrome under the control, but it never happened. Finally, I had counseling with weight loss physician specialist, he recommended me to take Phentermine pill. Initially, I had a hesitation to take this medication so I had a slow start. But, you know I have noticed an amazing result within a couple of weeks. To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, I have started to exercise and diet control as well. I’m really thankful to the physician and Phentermine because the medication truly helped me to get there. Now my weight is 125lbs, and I have lost almost 65lbs within four months.

Kimberly G. Weiner, 31 years old

Before- 290 lbs

Current- 192 lbs

Lost weight- 98 lbs

I have decided to lose weight before my wedding ceremony so that I made a consultation with my doctor and started this Phentermine treatment before the 9 months of the marriage. My healthcare professional prescribed 37.5 mg Phentermine along with exercise and diet control. Initially, I struggled a lot with diet control and the exercise, but my doctor motivated me to attain my goal. Hence I started to work hard along with Phentermine pills. I just wondered the way the medication worked in my mind; it completely controls my appetite suppressant chemical and played a vital role in my weight loss treatment. Finally, I have reached 200 lbs before a month of my marriage.

Amber T. Pewitt, 52 years old

Before – 253 lbs

Current – 181 lbs

Lost weight – 72 lbs

I’m 52-year-old women and my weight was 260. My health care professionals began the Phentermine treatment on five months before (October 2017) and as of now (March 2018) I have lost 80 lbs. I feel absolutely amazing though I have had some side effects such as sleeping trouble, dizziness, and drowsiness. But all of these side effects last only for few hours in my body. If you are looking for best weight loss medication, I would strongly recommend Phentermine. However, it is always advisable to make a consultation with your healthcare professional before the treatment. Make sure that you are drinking a plenty of water during the treatment to prevent the side effect of dry mouth. Phentermine is undeniably a best weight loss pill in this world indeed.