Before deciding on Phentermine 37.5 for losing weight, read what other women have to say about the medication working and its effectiveness. Below we have listed the most helpful Phentermine reviews on the diet pills and they are arranged in no specific order.

Abigail M****, updated 2 weeks ago

For my New Year resolution, I saw a doctor who suggested to take Phentermine 37.5 for a period of four weeks before breakfast. I am following that along with some walking and yoga class. Within a week, I saw my waistline slimming and the results are amazing within few days of staring my treatment. Apart from a mild headache, I didn’t experience any other side effects from using the drug.

Robin F****, updated 3months ago

I have been overweight for most of my life because of my bad dieting habits. I faced a hard time whenever I tried to get in shape. My friend recommended to get prescribed for Phentermine and after that, I have used Phentermine 37.5 for a month and saw good results which helped me with my diet. I discontinued the treatment from then on and started following a healthy lifestyle.

Zoe P***, updated 6 months ago

I used Phentermine when I was in high school to maintain my weight as I was auditioning for a cheer-leading campaign. It helped to follow a strict diet. After finishing my school, I had stopped using the meds fearing its long-term effects and I had to because I quit cheer-leading as it was not working for me. Other than that it was helpful for short duration.

Ash L****, updated 7 months ago

I lost pounds with Phentermine, so it is great for weight to lose. But it not good for your overall health when using it longer than said. I started experiencing some side effects like insomnia and it got away only after my doctor said to stop using the diet pills.

London G****, updated 11 months ago

Phentermine diet pills are not for everyone. I have read and heard what many people say about the success of the pills. So, I got them and tried for myself as I am obese. When I started using it I had symptoms of weak heart functions like heaving breathing and thumping heart. I lost some weight in two days but side effects are too serious for me to use it any longer.

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