We all know that Phentermine is a very effective weight loss medication but you should know that certain side effects are triggered when it is taken. In this blog, we are going to look about the ill effects in detail.

Dry mouth

This is one of the common side effects that a person would suffer from when they take Phentermine. It is a must that you have to address this ill effect properly. There is no need to be worried if you suffer from this side effect. Just intake fruits and vegetables that are rich in high water content. Increase the intake of water daily. You might require three litres of water in a day. However, increase this quantity when you are on Phentermine.

Never take dry mouth for granted as it is very much important for you to maintain certain level of water in your body.

Sleep issues

It is very true that a person would suffer from sleep issues while they take Phentermine. You have to check on what you are doing wrong and that it triggers sleep issue in your body. Always take a pill only in the morning and not at night.

Phentermine is a combinational treatment where you are supposed to exercise daily. It is a must that you are not supposed to exercise late in the evening. When the exercise is done lately before your sleep, you would feel awake. Due to this, it becomes very difficult for you to sleep.

How to manage it?

If you are suffering from sleep issues then avoid utilizing any electronic gadgets after evening. Drink warm milk before going to sleep. Take a small walk on your garden and make sure it is not intensive. If you do so then there are chances that you can get relieved from sleep problems.


The reason why a person suffers from restlessness is the change in activity in the brain. You cannot stop consuming Phentermine because of this side effect but you can take measures to handle it effectively.

How to Manage it?

If you are suffering from restlessness then you can adopt meditation techniques. Try to meditate every morning or at evening. The meditation would trigger positive effect on the body. It would put you in a relaxed state. So whenever you find that you are restless you can go about meditating for 10 counts.


This is one of the common ill effects that an individual would experience while they take Phentermine to lose weight. You are supposed to make certain changes in your diet. Consume foods that are rich in fiber, and protein. It is a must that you are supposed to avoid the intake of meal that takes hard to digest.

How to manage it?

Go for fish, meat, vegetables and also dairy products. Avoid the intake of junk foods at any situation. Drink more water in a day and these can help you to sort of the side effects.

Not every person would suffer from side effect when they take Phentermine medication. But when you experience it you can take measures to overcome.